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"You are amazing. You have a gift that I’ve not seen in anyone else.  You exude a certain thing from the stage that no one else does.  Like the music is oxygen for you.  And you get so much joy out of seeing other people enjoying what you do.  What you have is very special.  Don’t forget that!"


"There are lots of good singers out there, there are lots of fabulous singers out there and you are one of them. What sets you apart from a lot of them is that alot of them are one-dimensional; they sing and what they sing is fabulous and amazing. But they don't deviate very well from what they do well. Now where you are multi-dimensional. You can sing Patsy Cline amazingly, and go from that to Elvis Presley amazing, and then turn around and sing Elvira by The Oak Ridge and then go into a song by Journey or or Pat Benatar or Etta James. And not a lot of people have that kind of variety or range or ability to deliver such an array of songs. And you do it all with engaging and entertaining stage presence."

I tell everyone that Michelle is not your typical performer, she knows how to demand a crowds attention while maintaining interaction with the band. She brings no attitude to the stage other than FUN.  She's a business womane who understands that everyone on the stage has a role and deserves respect. There is a large number of would be performers who could learn a lot from Michelle.

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