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Recently Nashville sought Michelle out to offer her an opportunity to do some artist develpment and record on music row. While she was skeptical at first, she remembered that fear is not in her repertoire!! So she recognized this once in a lifetime and rare opportunity from SSM Nashville, and took them up on their offer!  "Kiss Won't Lie" will be distributed to over 300 indpendent radio stations! Look for it on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and TikToc August 11th, 2022!  

From Kansas City, Michelle is known and respected by fans and performers alike for her unique ability to deliver on county, pop, and blues!  Her regular appearances at various concert venues and clubs is due to her uncanny ability to sing any style.  Her infectious wit and charm on stage are eclipsed only by her ability to blow the socks off lovers of any music type.  She brings soul, power, and dynamics to every story she sings, and delivers with such passion and personality that she has earned the title “the complete package."  When not performing for fairs, festivals, private parties, and clubs, Michelle regularly performs for local retirement communities and hospice patients.






You were just fabulous! It was amazing! The residents loved you!

Great and thanks again. They were sure talking about you a lot that evening and all day Saturday.

Ok I’m putting you down for the 13th. Can’t wait a week longer. I love you more than anyone I’ve had. Can’t wait to see you again!

I found Michelle to be very personable and professional from the first introduction, through the negotiations, and on the day of. She was great at making our guests feel welcome and she and the band performed a wide variety of music! We had a LOT of fun. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle Hawkins for your event!

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Walkin' After Midnight - Unknown Artist
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